Little Buddha's Moral-Arts

Little Buddha's Moral-Arts

Hi Loved Ones! My name is Neshamah.

Hi Loved Ones! My name is Neshamah

I'm a Pennsylvania-based storyteller, dedicated Self-growth mentor, and Founder of Little Buddha's Moral-Arts.

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True Story: In 2018, I went through what I refer to now as an intuitive childbirth experience. Which really means, that I delivered my first child alone in a triage room on a small hospital gurney while waiting for doctors to take my claim of being in active labor seriously.

We were fortunate. My daughter and I emerged from this situation safely and in good health. However, while everyone involved felt a sense of relief, the experience was traumatic, and it re-triggered my childhood social anxiety.

My life quickly spiraled out of control, and I didn't have the time, energy, or awareness to help myself. I was a mother now. My foremost priority was caring for my daughter.  But, behind the scenes, my confidence was shot, and I struggled.

Don't worry; there is a Happy ending to this story, I promise!

A couple of years later, while tucking my daughter into bed, she asked me to tell her a story. I hadn't free-styled a story in years, but the moment I did, I felt a renewed sense of self. So I leaned into storytelling once more, only this time I documented my process.

After two years of working to re-establish genuine confidence, I finally found a solution that combines techniques for crafting oral literature with tools and building blocks of personal development.

The result? My signature program, StoryBuilders™. Today, my confidence is anchored in life-affirming practices, and I am passionate about showing teens how they can use the practice of Traditional Storytelling to build their confidence and self-esteem too!

You don't have to feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the process of building confidence, and you don't have to give up on creating the life you desire for yourself.

Together, we can build the stories that will build your confidence!


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StoryBuilders™ is a live virtual program, full of confidence-boosting activities, projects, and insights curated to give you momentum in your journey to building genuine confidence. *This is a group program with 8 seats available per session, so don't wait to enroll!

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One-on-One Mentorship

Build your story and your confidence at your own pace, while experiencing ME in real-time, teaching you in six weeks what it took me years to discover. I’m here to help you find, craft and present your story in a way that supports your confidence-building journey.

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Speaking Engagements

Bridging traditional storytelling and personal development is my gift. If you’re interested in working with me and would like to get my media kit, inquire about my rates or book me for your upcoming event, then click below to learn how..

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"Storytelling is more than entertainment. It harnesses the power of vibration and presence to inspire, create connection, instill values and preserve knowledge. Storytelling builds Community, and community is our future."

The Essential Elements Of My Story:

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