They Call Me The Story Maven...

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But long before that, I was just a young child recounting adventures from her dreams.

I Am Neshamah

Once upon a time, in a small town, on an island just off the big city called New York, there lived a young girl whose life would be forever changed because of a simple game of story stick she played with her family...

Hi, my name is Neshamah, and I've been telling creative stories ever since that fateful day when my father placed a broken tree branch in my hand and uttered the most empowering words I'd heard up until that point "tell us what happens next."

I Am Neshamah

Now, as a child, I didn't know that traditional storytelling or oral narration was even a thing.

For me, it was simple - My family was very large, and our resources were not, so relying on our imagination and creativity to keep ourselves entertained was nothing new. I imagine that for my parents, telling stories to us kids was just another way to pass the time before bed, but on this particular day, when we kids were invited into the telling, the plot thickened.

At least for me, it did.

As far back as I can remember, I have been a chronic lucid dreamer and a vivid daydreamer, so I knew I had stories living inside of me. What I didn't realize was that these stories could have any other purpose apart from my own personal escapism. That day, while weaving together landscapes, dialogues, and events from past dreams, I discovered four things.

I discovered...

That telling a story is as, if not more, satisfying as hearing one. I discovered that I had the power to transport not only myself but anyone willing to listen from an ordinary moment into a fantastic adventure. I also found that this ability was a gift because what poured out of me naturally only trickled out from others clumsily and without ease. And when our story collaboration was complete, I discovered that I still had more stories inside of me and I wanted to share them.

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"Storytelling is more than entertainment. It harnesses the power of vibration and presence to inspire, create connection, instill values and preserve knowledge. Storytelling builds Community, and community is our future."

The Basic Elements Of My Story:

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