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Little Buddha's Moral Arts


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Taking Teens From Self-Conscious To Self-Assured In Just Weeks

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Taking Teens From Self-Conscious To Self-Assured In Just Weeks

A 6-Week Immersive Training Created To Help Teens Overcome Social Anxiety Without Embarrassment, Stress, or Overwhelm, So They Can Show Up In The World Giving Main Character Energy!

StoryBuilders™ is the perfect blend of Storycraft and Personal Development with just the right amount of social interaction to make it accessible to shy teens!

Secure Your Teens Seat Today.


*NOTE: STORYBUILDERS™ has a strict NO REFUND policy. Due to limited seats available in this extremely intimate training, your seat cannot be easily replaced – especially on short notice. It is, however, transferable. If you know someone who would like the training and you want to bless them with it, e-mail us with all parties involved at and we can update the name and email address on the registration. Other than that, this investment is non-refundable.

Social situations sent me into a panic.

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Age 5 - SHY

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Age 10 -TIMID

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In case you're wondering what I'm holding in the last two pictures, that is my security blanket, which I still use today at age 41. Now, if you have a negative opinion of this, this is not the space for you. I've created a safe, non-judgmental space where teens feeling the limitations of social anxiety can get the extra support they need to present themselves to the world. Our community is close-knit and understanding. 

Did your teen miss out on great summer opportunities because they were too shy to participate? Did their school grades drop last year because they were too timid to ask for help? Are they dependent on electronics and social media to provide the connection they crave?
Don’t let shyness or social anxiety get in the way of your teen’s happiness any longer!